Leeuwarden, Nederland

Roadtrip 2017 Spanje dag 15

3 september 2017 - Leeuwarden, Nederland

Our day can be described very well with one word.....yes, HIGHWAYS! :)
​After waking up in our hotel room and having a quick breakfast, we jumped on our motorcycle to make the last and biggest distance of our journey, leading us back home. We drove, and drove and drove...and tanked the bike, and drove....and had a stop to stretch our legs, and drove.....into Paris, where I missed the Eiffel tower in the distance, even after Marcel pointed that out, and drove....and ran into the Scooby-Doo van again!! That was so great! ...and drove, and drove....into Belgium.......had a pizza break!....and drove....into the Netherlands!....and drove....last kilometers were so hard, but the closer to home we went, the more enthusiastic we became. Soon we drove into Leeuwarden, where we went under the new aquaduct, seeing the new bicycle path being open and used. Then tanked our bike full and turned around to go to our neighborhood. Over there we stopped once more, so close to home, to make a few pictures with the sign of Leeuwarden :) It is just as important as all the border signs! And then....home sweet home! We sure were very happy to see it, especially after these few highway-days! After this incredibly beautiful roadtrip we're back with new energy, bodies scratched and burned in sun, and memories that I'm sure will be playing in our heads for a long long time.

Left at: 08:10
​Belgium border crossed at: 12:45
Dutch border crossed at: 14:55
Arrived at: 18:30
​Kms made today: 797,1
​Kms made on this trip: 4292,6


3 Reacties

  1. Riek Eefting:
    3 september 2017
    Welkom thuis!
  2. Paula Weggelaar:
    3 september 2017
    Fijne dat jullie weer gezond terug zijn
  3. Doetze Eefting:
    3 september 2017
    Welkom thuis!! En bedankt voor de geweldige manier waarop jullie ons getuige hebben laten zijn van jullie trip door de verslagen en de foto's en video's. Nu maar lekker bijkomen van deze lange dag.