Roadtrip 2017 Spanje dag 5

24 augustus 2017 - Barcelona, Spanje

After a good night´s sleep in Montpellier and a tasty French breakfast, we packed our things and hit the highway leading us towards Spain. Heavy clouds were covering the whole sky, but we didn´t mind some cooler, fresher air! The landscape, that already looked quite dry, was slowly becoming more and more like what we saw in Mexico - sand, stones, tall pine and palm trees, cactuses growing all around. The kilometers flew fast, closer and closer to our today's destination. Suddenly we crossed the Spanish border - coincidence or not, but the sun welcomed us too! The thick layer of clouds stayed behind in France. After a good hour of riding we drove into a busy city - Barcelona! And I said that traffic in Geneve was I just helt on to Marcel tightly, with all the cars and bikes flying around us in all directions! Though there's nothing to be afraid of while sitting behind an experiencer rider - he soon brought us to our hostel. At least that's what the GPS was telling us, because the hostel was nowhere to be seen! After some searching Marcel had found it in an old, tall building, so we took our luggage inside. After a refreshing shower we went out to explore the huge Barcelona. Seeing all the things by foot clearly wasn't an option, so we took the metro to the places we wanted to take a look at. The first was an enormous unfinished church - Sagrada Familia. It was so incredibly big, we ha to do quite some work for the pictures! Then the old center followed, with the column at the beginning(or the end? Depends on how you look at it) on the famous street La Rambla. We ran into lots of street artists, little shops, restaurants and even more tourists, and.....a sea of candles and flowers. We stood there, watching it for a while, thinking of what happenned here just a week ago. Then we went on, glad to see the place being full of life, that people don't let fear to take over. So many huge, impressive buildings, fountains and shopping streets on our way! To make pictures of each and every beautiful thing, we'd have to spend a lifetime over here. Well, a lifetime we won't spend, but one more day should be enough! Also some rest for our motorcycle. So we had a dinner, returned to our room and started preparing for the night. Tomorrow further adventuring in Barcelona!

Left at: 08:15
Spanish border crossed: 10:55
​Arrived at: 13:15
Kms made today: 360,3
​Kms made from the start: 2027,5
Weather: cloudy in France, hot and sunny in Spain

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3 Reacties

  1. Paula Weggelaar:
    24 augustus 2017
    Prachtige en indrukwekkende foto's hoor heel veel plezier.
  2. Doetze Eefting:
    24 augustus 2017
    Eens met Paula, heel indrukwekkend. Fijne dag in Barcelona
  3. Riek Eefting:
    25 augustus 2017
    mooi verslag en indrukwekkende foto's