Roadtrip 2017 Spanje dag 6

25 augustus 2017 - Barcelona, Spanje

We woke up much later than we used to on this trip - no need to hurry, today's a break from riding! But it's also an extra day to explore Barcelona, so we didn't stay in bed for too long - soon we were on the streets again, first of all looking for a nice breakfast place. After finding it and having a tasty meal, we went on to metro and returned to Sagrada Familia to make even better pictures of the impressive building. Then we moved on to an area with a lot of very-visit-worth points, like Placa d'Espanya, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Anella Olimpica... We would walk around and climb every stairs, no matter how high, to experience, explore, and catch the moments with our cameras. The sun was climbing up as well, filling the air with heat, so from time to time we would stop to enjoy a cold drink in a shade, while admiring the view of the surroundings. When the most important ground was covered, we moved on to a neighborhood close to La Rambla again, and the first thing to see was Arc de Triomf. Then we quickly went away to find a place to lunch at, because all the roaming made us quite hungry! After eating we returned to the Arc to make a few more pictures and walk the route that we had planned. We fed Barcelona's pigeons, which even attracted other passenger's attention because of how many there were of them, and then went into the Park de la Ciutadella. There we found a lovely pond with all kinds of birds and turtles in it(even when the sign next to the pond clearly showed not to release turtles in it) and statues. Further on our way stood a beautiful building surrounded by water which also became a photo spot. Our last very-visit-worth point was Barri Gotic - a beautiful high church surrounded by street artists. Around one view we stayed longer - a passionate dancer and a man dancing with him in his wheelchair. Marcel has a little video of that in our gallery. After that we had a delicious milkshake break and decided to head back to the hotel because it was getting late and our bodies were exhausted. We've made some shoppings for food supplies and returned back to our room. Knowing that I can finally relax, I fell on the bed energyless, with today's adventures playing in my head like a movie, and feeling such pure happiness which comes from getting tired while doing the most beautiful things. We're already recharging to face the new day with a blast - tomorrow we ride again!

Kms: haven't left Barcelona, so no kms made, well a lot on our feet though!
​Weather: sun sun sun heat and even more heat

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3 Reacties

  1. Riek Eefting:
    25 augustus 2017
    Wat hebben jullie weer veel gezien en mooie foto's gemaakt, goede reis morgen.
  2. Doetze Eefting:
    26 augustus 2017
    Fijn om te zien hoe jullie genieten!!
  3. Paula Weggelaar:
    26 augustus 2017
    Geweldig om dit moois mee te kunnen maken top