Basel, Zwitserland

Roadtrip 2017 Spanje dag 2

21 augustus 2017 - Basel, Zwitserland

We opened our eyes in our little stay of a Luxemburg's hotel and soon were back on our feet again - journey awaits! Downstairs a breakfast was already waiting for us. We had our fill, checked out and soon were back on the road again. After Marcel pointed out at least 7 gas stations next to each other, what happens close to a border, we suddenly drove into France! That happenned so fast that I didn't even notice it. We turned around for some pictures with the border sign and then continued our drive on the French roads. Soon hills turned into mountains, high and covered in thick forest of tall trees, with some houses hiding between them. We drove through colorful French towns and enjoyed the wonderful view. When time to stretch our legs came again, Marcel stopped at a place he had also chosen on his first motortrip 7 years ago. We had some fun recreating pictures that he took back then. As we went on, on a highway we've met a Dutch driver with a very special trailer - it had a shape of a plane! Marcel took a video of it which you can check out in our gallery. So we drove, determined for our today's final destination, I was already imagining a picturesque French we suddenly stopped to buy a sticker for our motorcycle, to be allowed to go on further on highways. When we left the place, Marcel almost immediately stopped again.
​"Did you notice that we're in Switzerland?"
​"What??" - I couldn't believe his words, but on the side of the road stood a border sign proving of what he said.... We were in Switzerland! And soon we stopped at our hotel in the city called Basel. Of course, in no time we were roaming it's streets, armed with our cameras. The city has countless of beautiful old buildings and a streamy river that we could enjoy exploring. After a filling dinner we took a tram back to our hotel. Now we need to rest again, to prepare for whatever adventures lay ahead!

Left at: 08:00
French border crossed: 08:30
​Swiss border: 13:35
​Arrived at: 14:00
Kms made today: 338,7
​Kms in total: 901,3
​Weather: very warm and sunny!



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  1. Paula Weggelaar:
    21 augustus 2017
    Zie er weer mooi uit hoor
  2. Doetze Eefting:
    21 augustus 2017
    En het thema van deze reis is: trapleuningen.
    Leuk verslag, mooi foto's en (stabiele) video's