Genève, Zwitserland

Roadtrip 2017 Spanje dag 3

22 augustus 2017 - Genève, Zwitserland

We woke up with the sounds of trams passing by our hotel, and after preparing quickly we had a tasty breakfast. Then we left the hotel, tanked our bike full and headed off to all the roads that were waiting for us. In no time we were in France again!....aaand just as soon back in Switzerland. And then in a few minutes - back in France! When Marcel stopped to make pictures of a nice place with a Swiss border sign, I was so lost that we needed to write down all the times that we passed different borders. When we went on, it didn't take that long to cross into France again, and one last time into Switzerland. We've been staying on curvy country roads, making us go slower, but showing us such magnificient views of mountain ranges in the distance and lovely Swiss countryside! We've been climbing up the mountains, riding deep into the forest, then going down again, passing through some villages.....also watching out for squirrels, recklessly running across the roads! Temperature was climbing up, making us warm in our motorsuits, but we soon reached the beautiful destination of today - Geneve. As we drove to our studio, we already saw the thing it's famous for - an enormous fountain. After checking in we went straight back to take a better look at it and of course, make pictures. Soon we decided to cross the lake to make even better pictures of it, together with the spinning wheel and a beautiful rainbow, but as soon as we got off the was gone! Off! We thought that it could be just for a short while, so we went to have dinner. We really took our time, but even after that it wasn't on! We took a closer look, being a bit disappointed, and then went on exploring the harbor and a few streets. While eating delicious ice creams I broke my sunglasses, but Marcel fixed them just as fast. It was getting late, so we walked back to our studio where we're working on sharing our adventures and gathering our strength for upcoming ones!

Left at: 08:20
​French border crossed: 08:50
Swiss border: 08:54
French border: 08:57
Swiss border: 09:15
​French border: 09:28
Swiss border: 09:32
​(Imagine all the Telfort messages "Welcome to .....!" that we've got!)
Arrived at our studio: 15:10
Kms made today: 278,8
Total kms from the start: 1180,1




2 Reacties

  1. Paula Weggelaar:
    22 augustus 2017
    Ziet er erg mooi uit hoor blijf lekker elke dag een blog schrijven erg leuk om te lezen hahha tot morgen
  2. Doetze Eefting:
    22 augustus 2017
    Mooi verslag, mooie stad maar geen trapleuning!
    Blijf genieten!